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Have Lunch With Us!


Join the Center for our Saturday Madrassa Food Sale!

Purchase a ticket for $8.00 at the masjid. 

All donations go towards funds for the Saturday Classes.

Jamaat Salah Times at the Center for Islamic Studies Inc.

Fajr: 5:30 AM

Dhur: 1:00 PM

'Asr: 3:00 PM

Maghrib: Sunset

Isha: 7:00 PM

Jumu'ah: 1:00 PM every Friday

Islamic Perspective on Holidays

The Center for Islamic Studies Inc. invites you and your family to join us for a lecture and dinner on November 17th, 2018. 

With the upcoming holidays, it is important for us to understand the importance of the Islamic perspectives on holidays and celebrations.


Brother Nadeem Ramjan 

Brother Roger Salahuden Kuo

Sheikh Mohamed Hakim

Dr. Yousry Ayad

Saturday Madrassa Classes will resume on June 30, 2018!

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