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Take a Trip with us!

Join the Center for Islamic Studies Inc. for a trip to Bear Mountain.

Join us for a day filled with fun-filled activities, open play areas, fishing, boating, picnicking, and more!

Cost: $30 per adult and $20 per child (17 and under)

Date: July 29, 2018

Departure: 7:00 AM from the Masjid ( 206-09 Jamaica Avenue, Queens, New York); 5:00 PM from Bear Mountain. 

*Children 6 years and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

For further information please contact: 

Sister Rafiena: (347) 837-7250 

Sister Eliza: (646) 384-1413 

Sister Halima: (347) 879-2465 

Brother Bilal: (646) 934-7478 

Dr. Shabaan: (347) 869-3817 

Brother Adam: (917) 365-6901

Brother Sheikh: (917) 703-1766 

Brother Zakir: (917) 797-5594 

Brother Jafar: (347) 635-3162 

Brother Fizul: (917) 770-1746 

Dr. Yousry: (516) 765-6535

Brother Iltaf: (718) 744-8363

Register for Kids Summer Camp

Registration is now open!

Register your child for the 2018 Kids Summer camp at the Center for Islamic Studies Inc. 

Sessions will start at 9AM to 5PM Monday-Thursday. 

For homework help: Please send school summer packet for additional help. 

*Please pack lunch and snack for your child. 

For more information please contact:

Brother Bilal: 646-934-7478

Brother Azam: 646-239-4355

Brother Sheik: 718-776-6139

Sister Nazema: 347-217-4098

Sister Aliyah: 347-400-7189

Saturday Madrassa Classes will resume on June 30, 2018!

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